Let's Say Aloha is a rich and fun curriculum that will teach your beginner all they need to know to get started playing the ukulele. They will learn the following:

  • proper holding, strumming and picking techniques
  • the names of the parts of the ukulele, along with the names of the strings
  • how to tune their ukulele
  • how to read a chord chart
  • how to read a lead sheet
  • how to accompany a song with strumming and fretting
  • how to play a simple melody
  • 3 basic chords (C, F and G) that will allow them to play numerous popular songs
  • tons of fun songs to play and sing along to, and the skills to pick up lots of their own songs!

Contact Ms. Tracy for schedule information, or with any other questions. Once you're ready to sign up, please fill out the registration form below.



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Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons with Ms. Tracy will take you or your child through a journey of musical and self-discovery. Study after study has shown a strong link with musical study to better academic performance; improved focus, brain function and self-esteem; and so many more benefits. I have been teaching piano since I was 16 - it was my first job I ever loved as a teenager. 


Here are the specifics:

  • $80/month for 30 minute lessons
  • $100/month for 45 minute lessons
  • 1 lesson each week, except for certain holidays (you will receive a schedule upon signing up)
  • I teach with a heavy emphasis on learning the how's and why's of music, so it's not just the notes on the page. Besides learning lessons from method books, we will compose, play games, perform, improvise, find songs that speak to you, etc. All in the hopes that you will gain a thorough understanding of the art, and a deep connection to it.
  • 2 recitals per year (typically around the winter holidays and the end of the school year). These vary from recitals in my home to performances for local retirement centers and anywhere in between.
  • 1 group lesson per quarter for all of my students (as schedules permit). These provide additional low-pressure performance opportunities, as well as chances to deepen understanding of music theory concepts.