What age is Let's Play Music for?
A child can join the LPM program between the ages of 4 and 6. They must be 4 by the end of August. If they are 7 by the end of August, I recommend private lessons.

Do you teach private piano lessons?
See this page for my private lessons availability. Unfortunately, because of my busy afternoon teaching and Mom'ing schedule, I no longer teach private lessons after school. If you are available during the day, feel free to contact me!


How long do classes last?

The classes get longer as their attention spans get longer... 1st year is 45 minutes long. 2nd is 50, and 3rd is 55. They are held once a week through the school year. Parents attend every other week during 1st year, and once every 4 weeks in 2nd and 3rd.


There are 2 15-class semesters each year, plus a dress rehearsal and a recital at the end of the year.


What is the cost?

1st year: $600 (or $300 per semester/$75 per month)

2nd year: $616 (or $308 per semester/$77 per month)

3rd year: $640 (or $320 per semester/$80 per month)


There is also registration fee for each year, which will be due before you register. That pays for incidental studio costs throughout the year (prizes, copies, etc.) and the end of year recital.


There is also a materials fee for each year. $88 for 1st year, and $64 for 2nd and $72 for 3rd. 


How did you get so awesome?

Oh stop. Flattery will get you nowhere. (Just checking to see if anyone was actually reading this...)